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Our fiber network allows us to provide best-in-class Internet at Gigabit speeds, cloud services, redundancy and data security. Cytranet features 24/7 hands-on support, staffed with real people, ready and waiting to help. We will design a customizable and scalable solution – no features you don't need, just solutions that grow as your business grows.

Fast, reliable Internet service is a necessity to use technologies vital in today’s marketplace. High bandwidth helps your business use cloud-based applications, share files, stream videos and so much more.

icon_fiber-1c-300x300Our high-performance Business Internet, delivered over our fiber rich-network, provides a reliable connection that meets the needs of any business, helping you increase productivity. With speeds from 1.5mb up to 1Gb,

Businesses need fast, reliable Internet service to use the technologies that have become vital for success in today’s marketplace. High bandwidth is required to run applications such as cloud-based services, file sharing, video streaming and VoIP – and to also support multiple users simultaneously downloading files and sending email. With a variety of speed tiers up to 1Gb/s, Business Internet from Cytranet is a high-performance Internet service that meets the needs of businesses of all sizes, helping you increase productivity while providing you with a reliable connection delivered over our fiber-rich network.

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How It Works

We provide business internet services to meet the needs of a range of businesses from small business to enterprise. So put Cytranet to work for your business and unlock a new stream of productivity - just choose from a variety of speeds to best suit your business needs. Then let your business take advantage of all the benefits that come with better, faster Internet, including:

  • Cytranet Managed Wifi has fast Internet speeds – Customers and guests can download, email and stream at the high speeds they've come to expect.
  • Limitless Connection - Cytranet Internet has no caps, so you can upload/download and access however much you want.
  • Wireless Connectivity - Business WiFi gives employees, customers, and guests access to what is important to them - it's also included on all plans.
  • Access Additional Services - Once you upgrade your Internet to Cytranet, customize the service to meet any number of needs with our many add-ons - like web hosting, email, Internet for telecommuters, and more!

Speed Tiers:fiber-copy

1.5mbps - Hybrid-Fiber Network

5mbps - Hybrid-Fiber Network

15mbps - Hybrid-Fiber Network

25mbps - Hybrid-Fiber Network

50mbps - Hybrid-Fiber Network

75mbps - Hybrid-Fiber Network

100mbps - Pure-Fiber Network

300mbps - Pure-Fiber Network

500mbps - Pure-Fiber Network

1000mbps - Pure-Fiber Network

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